• About me

    My name is Elizabeth and I love people.
    My great passion is to meet and relate with others.

    As a citizen of the world I decided to travel years ago. Throughout my journeys my intention is to find people that can make my life more fulfilled with what they can teach me and thus share.

    I feel a special connection with Ibiza. From the first moment I set foot on the island I felt a special pull, sensed it's magic and knew in an instant that I would spend a great part of my life here.

    I have managed to create a lifestyle in which I do what I like best, and I love my work. Due to the contacts I have made over my life and those I make each year on the white isle, I have the opportunity to dedicate myself to what I am really good at: people.

    Teach and transmit the magic. To show what I feel for Ibiza to friends and acquaintances, making them become a part of me, has made me want to continue year after year. The chance to live unique experiences with me, has made them describe me to other people with enthusiasm, telling them, in turn, of their experiences and recommending me more and more professinally.

    The luxury of making my lifestyle a profession The manner in which I have been valued and thanked for my time with them, is what has made me feel fortunate, giving me the chance to be able to provide with my qualities an unforgettable experience.

    Wellcome to my world....