Life i better when is perfect

Welcome to my world!

They say that life is all about getting up an hour earlier so as to live an hour more… Not so in Ibiza. In this place, every single moment is pure life.

Experiences, relationships, contacts, emotions, business… Ibiza is much more than meets the eye.
Ibiza is more than a villa, a boat, a club or beautiful people... Ibiza is much more. Ibiza is energy, freedom, magnetism, Ibiza is to smile, remember, experiment, be surprised, Ibiza is connecting, passion, desire... Ibiza is simply perfect.

  • About me

    My name is Elizabeth and I love people.
    I feel a special connection with Ibiza.
    I have managed to create a lifestyle in which I do what I like best, and I love my work.
    Wellcome to my world.

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  • About You

    Are you willing to submerge yourself in the emotions and experiences that Ibiza Perfect Days can provide? Do you believe in the perfect voyage?

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  • Services

    Real service proves that we can satisfy and overcome your expectations by taking care of details in a profesional, effecient and confidential manner. Your time is important and you must enjoy it fully.

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  • Perfect days

    Don't just be another tourist. Once you have set foot on the island you will then become part of a privileged group full of advantages. A more natural Ibiza, closer, more detailed. Live the perfect momento. Anything is possible if you make it happen.

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